Demi’s Most Romantic Date W/ Joe Jonas

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Takže tady je menší interwiev..:) (Celé v CČ)
Překlad mužete najít ZDE - a pokud to nejde, tak to tam vložte..:)
Demi tam mluví o Joe.. :) Podle mě jí t hrozně mrzí, že sním není..:/.. :*

Demi Lovato interview from Colombian Magazine Aló. Thanks Camille! Even as Miley Cyrus says goodbye to Hannah Montana with its last season, Disney seems to have found the perfect replacement with one of her best friends; Demi Lovato. On her career:
I think I have to give the credit to my theatre teacher in Dallas, Texas. Her name is Cathryn Sullivan. There's a lot of actors that take the same lessons with this woman, and you will get surprised if you know how many people she helps to get to the place in which they are. We owe her a lot.

Regarding the relationship with her ex and mate on tour, Demi said they have a really good frienship, and they will be friends for ever. Did you feel any pressure from fans when you were dating Joe for details: For my career, I guess the rest of my life I will suffer some pressure no matter who is my boyfriend. Of course I had pressure, but I learned to adapt, is part of the business, and part of the job I have. And it is better to learn now than later, when you want to marry.

What was the most romantic date you had? We had a lot, and all of them were amazing, but the best I think it was one time I went to Joe's house and he cooked pizza and after a good fondue, we saw a movie. He had a lot of candles, it was really beautiful, and we didnt leave house for anything, but it was great to stay at home, making pizza, because it is something I love.
On filming Camp Rock 2: Well, we were not toghether when we made the movie, we were just really good friends y we will always be. The only thing it changes is that we will work together much more, but really, when we made the movie we were just friends.

What on your iPod? I have three. Gravity, from Sara Barellies, Need you now from Lady Antebellum.. I love it, and Heartbreak Warfare from John Mayer. After the breakup with Joe, Demi found the best therapy at the hairdresser and trips, now she change the tone of her hair and went on vacation to Mexico with her family before the tour with the Jonas Brothers.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


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je to škoda ,že se rozešli !byli hezký pár

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